Training - Certificate in Standby Battery Systems (VRQ Level 3)

Qualification Code 601/1879/9

What is this qualification?

This qualification is a Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ) which sits on the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) and it has been approved by Semta, the Sector Skills Council (SSC).

The qualification focuses on the knowledge, understanding and, where appropriate, the practical skills associated with Standby Battery Systems. This arrangement ensures that when the learner completes the qualification they will have gained practical experience and expectation of some of the situations that they could face within the occupational sector in which it is being delivered.

It has been developed in consultation with industry and training provider to ensure that it meets the needs of employers and learners. The qualification has huge potential benefits for those engaging with standby battery systems across energy, communication and information technology sectors.

Who is this qualification for?
  • those who are or aspire to be, an engineer within the energy, communication or information technology sector
  • those who operate, maintain, design or commission standby battery systems
  • those who wish to formalise their experience of operating, maintaining, designing or commissioning standby battery systems
What does this qualifications cover?
This level 3 qualification focuses on developing the knowledge and understanding of engineers who operate, maintain, design and commission standby battery systems within the energy, communication or Information Technology sector using practical skills where appropriate.
Accreditation and Industry Support for these Qualifications

This qualification is:

  • accredited by Ofqual at Level 3
  • supported by Semta, the Sector Skills Council for the science, engineering and manufacturing technologies
  • developed with industry support
Achievement of the Qualifications and ‘Stand Alone Units’

This qualification is gained when all the necessary units have been achieved. The centre will then be able to apply for the learner’s certificate of achievement. The learner will also receive a Certificate of Unit Credit, listing all the units they have achieved.

However if they don’t manage to complete the full qualification learners can still claim a Certificate of Unit Credit for the units achieved, therefore they still have proof of their ability and could complete the qualification at a later date.

Units can also be taken individually (stand-alone).

The Certificate is achieved by completing a number of the following qualification units. These are chosen by the candidate in accordance with their chosen ‘Pathway’.

Qualification Units
The first 2 qualification units will be mandatory for anyone following one of the 3 pathways available. These pathways are designed for particular business roles and are:
  • QSBS/001 - Basic Health and Safety Awareness for Standby Battery Systems
  • QSBS/002 - Operational Health and Safety Awareness for Standby Battery Systems
  • QSBS/003 - Standby Battery System - Battery Technology and Application
  • QSBS/004 - Standby Battery System - Design
  • QSBS/005 - Standby Battery System - Inspection and Maintenance
  • QSBS/006 - Standby Battery System - Installations & Commissioning
  • QSBS/007 - Standby Battery System - Testing Load Autonomy & Rated Capacity
  • QSBS/008 - Standby Battery System - Charger Principles
  • QSBS/009 - Standby Battery System - Charger Installation & Commissioning
  • QSBS/010 - Standby Battery System - Charger Fault Finding & Commissioning


The pathways have been designed for particular business rules, and are:

Relation to Other Qualifications

  • These qualifications relate to the following:
  • EAL Level 2 Certificate in Engineering and Technology (QCF)
  • EAL Level 2 Certificate in Maintenance Engineering Technology (QCF)
  • EAL Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Engineering Maintenance and Installation(QCF)
  • EAL qualifications in wider Key Skills, Functional Skills and Essential Skills Wales
  • EAL Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Engineering Maintenance (QCF)
  • EAL Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Installation and Commissioning (QCF)
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